Thursday, December 18, 2008

But you touched the devil and couldn't let go...

You were better than the best
Stayed a notch above the rest
It was raining in heaven when you went down
Your mother cried, said she told you so
But you touched the devil and couldn't let go
No one controls the outlaw
You wrote the book with the movie in mind
An angel face with a criminal side
Celebrated as the rebel kind
The outlaw
I wonder if you knew
They would turn your bad deeds into good
Paint you as a modern Robinhood
It's high noon
Everywhere you go
And the guilt you feel is the weary soul 
Of the outlaw
Hearts weren't made to be ruled
And rules weren't made to be broken

I fucking love Pat Benetar.
I feel better tonight than I have in a long time. 
It's really nice. 

I looked at an apartment today and it was brilliant and I want it.
And tonight I am staying with some friends which is nice.
And I saw someone tonight that I have been missing very very much.
It was good. 

That is all.


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