Friday, October 09, 2009

It is better to burn out, than to fade away...

Farewell lovely blue hair...
I loved you long time.
But as with all good things, it had to end some time.
Because well, you were totally and completely destroying my hair... not you specifically, but me and bleach with 40 volume every 4 to 6 weeks.
(What- my hair grows fucking fast.)
...And I was definitely ready for a change anyway.
Now I find myself sporting a "blowout", ie: brighter red at the roots gradually turning to black.
How do I feel?
I guess I like it, but I wish it was brighter.
I am a total fool for bright hair.
(Hence why mine is shot to hell.)
And hey- thanks to those of you that actually noticed!

Ok so on to other things...

There is a creeper construction/ maintenence guy here who keeps talking to me, and not doing any apparent work, while I'm alone in the salon. When I tried to make polite conversation and ebb the awkward situation of him looking at me but not talking, I said "So what are your plans for this weekend?"
His reply?
"Not much... why? You wanna do something?"
(Insert creeper waggle-brows here!)
Cool life.

I'm listening to Nirvana at works right now.
Its silly, and feels a little wrong.

I might order something to eat.

So much packing and preparation to do tonight!
I'm super excited though.
Despite the fact that Peaches says it is going to probably be rainy.
Thats ok- it has been nast here too all week, and contrary to popular theory, I actually dont melt (if you dont include my makeup...) when wet.
Better not forget my rain boots!

Mmmkay off to do things... or something.

Thursday, October 08, 2009


Hello creeper...
This is officially my picture on my salon's website- and I'm pretty sure I look like a super creep, like-
"Hey, Immacutchoo! (And think its hillarious.)"
But apparently this picture- to quote my co-workers "Completely sums me up."
Oh ROFLcopter.
(If you aren't in on this joke then too bad, you are definitely missing out... and probably really dont get it. Oh well. )

So for those that dont know, as of very early Saturday morning, I will be off to Chicago for a little break.
I am SO SO SO excited to go see my plutonic life partner and do what we do best in the windy city- be fabulous.
(note: fabulous, please see- terribly popular and well liked!)
This is going to be a fantastic, much needed getaway for me... and I am totally unprepared.
I should do laundry tonight so that I can pack tomorrow, but umm... Not gonna lie, I probably will not.
But its ok- I always scrape my shit together at the last moment anyway.
Thats just how I do.
Which is ironic considering I am an anal-annie when it comes to making plans.
As for tonight, I am going out for drinks and pizza with some kids.
Alright- off to fold towels and close up the salon.