Thursday, October 08, 2009


Hello creeper...
This is officially my picture on my salon's website- and I'm pretty sure I look like a super creep, like-
"Hey, Immacutchoo! (And think its hillarious.)"
But apparently this picture- to quote my co-workers "Completely sums me up."
Oh ROFLcopter.
(If you aren't in on this joke then too bad, you are definitely missing out... and probably really dont get it. Oh well. )

So for those that dont know, as of very early Saturday morning, I will be off to Chicago for a little break.
I am SO SO SO excited to go see my plutonic life partner and do what we do best in the windy city- be fabulous.
(note: fabulous, please see- terribly popular and well liked!)
This is going to be a fantastic, much needed getaway for me... and I am totally unprepared.
I should do laundry tonight so that I can pack tomorrow, but umm... Not gonna lie, I probably will not.
But its ok- I always scrape my shit together at the last moment anyway.
Thats just how I do.
Which is ironic considering I am an anal-annie when it comes to making plans.
As for tonight, I am going out for drinks and pizza with some kids.
Alright- off to fold towels and close up the salon.

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