Sunday, June 14, 2009

Russian Roulette is not the same without a gun...

(Octopus love...)

Ok so you want to know about tattoos...

And baby when its love, if its not rough it isnt fun."

And I have plans to begin another sleeve and finish off a chest piece, along with a lower leg by the end of the year. Im so excited. I love being a busy girl.
Some people have asked me recently how I deal with tattoo stuff in general, so here are my best suggestions. Perhaps this will help, though take it with a grain of salt and figure out the best way for yourself.

Part One Of My How To Guide...

What to expect with this experience...
-Cleanliness on the tattoo artist/ shops part. If its gross, leave.
-Discomfort of some sort, certain areas are more sensitive.
-To sit still for some period of time.
-You can generally ask for a break if you need one.

-Do ask any questions and voice concerns you might have before the tattoo process begins so that you dont regret not doing so. Also, after if you have concerns- ASK!
-Do follow all of your tattoo artists aftercare instructions... really.
-Go to the bathroom before you start.
-Do wear sunscreen on your tattoos to prevent fading and overall bad news.
-Do eat beforehand, so as to avoid feeling lightheaded or any other unpleasant things.
-Wear clothes that accommodate the area if possible, its just more comfortable.
-Leave a nice tip.

Do Not's...
-Do not Psych yourself up thinking "ohmygod this is going to hurt" because it so isnt as bad as you think it will be, and more often than not you end making it worse for yourself by having such a mentality.
-Do not think its a good plan to be intoxicated. Its not.
-Do not think you know how to care for a tattoo better than your tattoo artist... after all, its kind of their job. And its doubtful that they would tell you one thing and suggest you do something else.
(I am a picker by nature, and its hard for me, but I refrain.)

My personal preferences (but all suggested by my artists)...
-Wash tattoo the night of, but make sure you wear something grubby/ black to cover it while you sleep (if possible) to avoid ink leakage on to bedding and nice clothing.
-Wash in warm shower/ bath with dial soap and a wash cloth, cleaning until the tattoo is no longer "greasy" looking.
-Only begin applying lotion after 3 days, and only about 3x a day, and after a thorough washing.

Part Two will be on its way soon!

A little gambling is fun when you're with me...

Wearing... i party in NY where the lines are long t-shirt: second hand and a bit DIY, white tank: express, black cigarette pants: express, patent shoes: pulse, all jewelry: custom/ vintage. 
I cant recall what I wore this for, but I love it.

Wearing... jaguar love t-shirt: crystal city, black cigarette pants: express, teal pumps: charlotte russe, all jewelry: vintage or custom (except pink ring- target)
Makeup matches my shirt... light green: mac powder, dark green: rimmel emerald eyeliner, blue mascara: cover girl
Worn to play with friends today... favorite outfit right now!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

You're just a midnight snack...

Outfit posts have been lacking... but this is what Im wearing today, and I love this outfit.
-take the money and run t-shirt: the fashion
-cigarette pants: express
-patent peep toe pumps: pulse
-all jewelry: custom or vintage
(And yes- that is a vintage calf skin rug under me in picture #1.)

I fucking love Mickey Avalon.
Have a little taste...

I like a girl with caked up makeup
in the sunshine smoking cigarettes to pass the time
who wakes up to a bottle of wine on the nightstand 
bites and scratches the blinds
but I ain't found one quite right yet
so I step with pep to the park or supermarket
her apartment best be messy
And Lisa don't mind when I call her Leslie 
She's gotta dress with class
in Jean Paul Gaultier and a Hermes bag 
and four inch tips made of ostrich
sharp enough to slit your wrists her lips spread gossip
won't say sorry when she offends
she comes over to my place in her old man's Benz
in gold and silver and jewels of all colors
and she doesn't take them off when we're tearing up the covers

I like a girl who eats and brings it up
a sassy little frassy with bulimia
her best friend's a plastic surgeon
and when her Beamer's in the shop she rolls the Benz
manis and pedis on Sundays and Wednesdays
money from mommy lovely in Versace 
costly sprees, it's on at Barney's
and I love to watch her go through fifty g's calmly
she gets naughty with her pilates body
and thinks it's really funny when her nose goes bloody
'cause the blow is so yummy and it keeps her tummy empty
and makes her act more friendly
dance the night away
and she won't say nothing when she makes your man stray...

Okie dokie, Im off, next post should be a dandy.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Oh and by the by...

Dear New Art Salon-
(Preferably a.s.a.p.)

Oh, and if you come to my home DO NOT let the dog out the front door and neglect to tell us that he is missing!
Because poor Storm was terribly sick last night and we were very worried about him.
If i ever find out who did that (as well as stealing from me) then I will personally punch you in the face while wearing many large rings.

Excited to do hair tonight!
...And HOORAY for free #6 (no tomatoes) from J.J.s!