Sunday, June 14, 2009

Russian Roulette is not the same without a gun...

(Octopus love...)

Ok so you want to know about tattoos...

And baby when its love, if its not rough it isnt fun."

And I have plans to begin another sleeve and finish off a chest piece, along with a lower leg by the end of the year. Im so excited. I love being a busy girl.
Some people have asked me recently how I deal with tattoo stuff in general, so here are my best suggestions. Perhaps this will help, though take it with a grain of salt and figure out the best way for yourself.

Part One Of My How To Guide...

What to expect with this experience...
-Cleanliness on the tattoo artist/ shops part. If its gross, leave.
-Discomfort of some sort, certain areas are more sensitive.
-To sit still for some period of time.
-You can generally ask for a break if you need one.

-Do ask any questions and voice concerns you might have before the tattoo process begins so that you dont regret not doing so. Also, after if you have concerns- ASK!
-Do follow all of your tattoo artists aftercare instructions... really.
-Go to the bathroom before you start.
-Do wear sunscreen on your tattoos to prevent fading and overall bad news.
-Do eat beforehand, so as to avoid feeling lightheaded or any other unpleasant things.
-Wear clothes that accommodate the area if possible, its just more comfortable.
-Leave a nice tip.

Do Not's...
-Do not Psych yourself up thinking "ohmygod this is going to hurt" because it so isnt as bad as you think it will be, and more often than not you end making it worse for yourself by having such a mentality.
-Do not think its a good plan to be intoxicated. Its not.
-Do not think you know how to care for a tattoo better than your tattoo artist... after all, its kind of their job. And its doubtful that they would tell you one thing and suggest you do something else.
(I am a picker by nature, and its hard for me, but I refrain.)

My personal preferences (but all suggested by my artists)...
-Wash tattoo the night of, but make sure you wear something grubby/ black to cover it while you sleep (if possible) to avoid ink leakage on to bedding and nice clothing.
-Wash in warm shower/ bath with dial soap and a wash cloth, cleaning until the tattoo is no longer "greasy" looking.
-Only begin applying lotion after 3 days, and only about 3x a day, and after a thorough washing.

Part Two will be on its way soon!

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