Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I just finished...

Doing an application online. 
It took an hour.
There was pretty much 745389283106 questions, some of which were repeated. 
I am almost certain that I was being analyzed to be deemed fit to work there...
With a psych evaluation.
The worst part?
I could only answer in the fill in the bubble format.
Oh well.
Hopefully something good could come of it.
(Lol- ridiculous.)
Anywho... Ive spent the day applying for jobs and walking my butt off.
Then I got a coffee. 
Now I am cuddling with my kitty and trying to warm my feet up.

It is beautiful outside.
This is the first March in a hundred years apparently that it hasnt snowed in MN. 
And funny thing... everyone in the state goes nuts when it hits like, 50 degrees.
Prolly because theres only (basically) 3 months of warm weather all year.
But Im not complaining... in fact, who says that global warming is a bad thing?


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