Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oh blog...

I apologize for being so neglectful as of late.
I have been busy and I could make excuses, but I wont. 
Truth be told, Ive just been slacking. 
Im sorry I can be terrible at keeping up with things sometimes.

New job, trips out of town, seeing friends, and general laziness are all to blame.

But hey- I fucking LOVE my new job. 
I feel like all of the passion I had for my career has come back in full force. 
I dont wake up and dread going to work anymore, which I must say is truly a big fucking deal.
Im so glad that I didnt settle for just any old job, and I that I worked my ass off to get this one.
Im glad that I passed up multiple other offers, and that I struggled financially in order to be able to take the job I have now.
It was SO hard for those short months that I was unemployed, but now that I am back in the saddle (so to speak) I dont think that I could be much more pleased.

Also, the next few weeks are going to be terribly busy for me, as I have multiple friends coming to town, people / family coming to stay with me (possibly), and some other fun plans that are all happening quite fast. 

As a generalization though, I must say that for the most part right now life is pretty good.
Next post will be things that have been inspiring to me lately!


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