Sunday, June 13, 2010

Zombie dreams...

Last night I had the craziest dream that there was a zombie apocalypse... and can I just say- it was a seriously convincing dream. It started out and was fun for a while, and then I wont even lie and say the typical "no, it wasnt scary, it was just a dream" bullshit, about halfway through the dream I became almost convinced that it was actually happening and it became pretty terrifying.
Mind you, I love some undead scary shit as much as the next person, but I come to find that when I am almost certain that its the real deal, it becomes considerably less fun. I eventually woke up in a wicked cold sweat, and had a terrible time sleeping the rest of the night (if we are being brutally honest here...)
And now tonight I cant sleep yet again and I find myself wondering if I might wake up again with my heart pounding so hard that I can hear it.
I always thought a zombie infestation would be interesting, but now I might just be starting to rethink my point of view on that one.

Either way, I definitely need more high powered firearms just in case of an emergency...

Hahaha... ridiculous.

Please read and abide by the above rules in case of zombie infestation.
Also, watch this movie.
It really is quite good.

And one more little tip- dont eat copious amounts of dairy before falling into a sleep coma, it will give you some fucked dreams. Or maybe thats just me...

Either way though, always remember the double tap.


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