Friday, April 03, 2009

Why yes, I am a natural blue!

Wearing: black cami tank- Express, black t-strap tank- self made, tight ass skirt- Victoria's Secret, leggings- Charlotte Russe, black and bronze gladiator heels- Sam Edelman, patent belt- thrifted?, all jewelry- custom and vintage.

So this was my outfit tonight to see THE FAINT and LADYTRON play at First Ave. 
Fucking incredible. 
They both performed superbly and the sets were nice and long, and the song choices were awesome.
I was a bit drunk for a while there... and I was in good spirits all damn night!
Score one for the home team!

I love when I win.

And might I just say- I feel like that cat that ate the fucking canary tonight.

Oh, and my hair is blue now instead of pink
I might be in love with it just a touch...

Buffy time now... 



bree said...

i think that your blue hair is absolutely fabulous dear.

everyone took a vote, and you're the shit.

jamie clare said...

ahhh i LOVE the faint. i live in omaha, so they are my hometown heroes. =]

going to a faint concert = sex on a dance floor