Saturday, September 05, 2009

Standing on the outside looking in...

Everybody gets a little lost, sometimes
When you feel your time is running out
You know your love has stalled
When you feel alone and dreams from your younger years
Are telling you what's gone
Then ask yourself why people fall apart
Because they don't realize that something just ain't right
When you lay down on your pillow at home tonight
You got to realize your holding on to something that aint right
I believe in this fire burning inside of me
You're never alone but you're always on your own
Lost in love and desire, never again
I promised myself I'd be searching for someone new
Smothered by his word
She's selling freedom that you can afford
To everyone but yourself
You're down on luck tonight
You're down, down, down there's nowhere left to turn
Because now you're all alone
HAYHAYHAY... The Sounds album Crossing the Rubicon is fan-fucking-tastic.
For real.
So just a little update...
I got a flat tire last week, and I just got it fixed today (ran and did it during work) and I must say, now I really really wish I hadn't driven over a fucking roofing nail.
Because guess what...
And guess what else...
Due to the fact that my tire was in the condition it was, it couldnt be repaired.
Thats right kids.
I had to buy a new tire and have all of mine rotated and shit to match.
To the tune of $121.76 no less.
I got fucked... and it definitely didnt feel good.
Also, my boss fired someone, had a replacement within two days, and now I have to train her in.
(Thanks you fucking dick.)
At least she seems sweet...
OH JESUS... please let her not be a crazy bitch.
Oh and yeah, lets hope she isnt a dumbass as well.
Kay thanks.
But hey, I've had tons of return clients the last two weeks, and everyone has left happy.
So Roger, next time you want to say my work is "too sleek" and mean it negatively...
Please take the book, and forcibly insert it into your ass.
...Just look at my books recently and see that I've made you A LOT of fucking money, and I do all the extra work... and get nothing for it.
Really, is "thanks" too much to ask for?
I guess.
On a lighter note, Ive been having some weird, confusing, and some fantastic days recently.
I think I only need to sum things up in this manner...
State fair+ copius amounts of beer+ amazing friends.
Really hot ladies.
Second and third floor wine pour.
Seeing lots of people I havent seen for too long.
Amazing new shoes.
Matte nail polish.
Enough free time to read books.
Taking the pups on walks.
73 degree weather.
Making mad tips.
...Amongst other things.
Thanks everyone who has made shitty times a little brighter.

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