Wednesday, December 16, 2009

There is a space somewhere between the person they told me to be and the creature who is clawing its way out...

And now it is time for some things the I enjoy that you should probably experience (and enjoy as well...)

LOVELOVELOVE Cyanide and Happiness- ALWAYS.
(Note: If this did not humor you in the least bit, you are obviously clueless and should just skip over this entire post.)

Clearly head-pointers are comfortable, attractive and practical.

Sea creatures make me extremely happy... You don't even know. 
(Well perhaps one or two people understand.)

Crude scenes of illustrated animal lovin... What's not to like?

Owls that wear top-hats, monocles, carry diamond encrusted canes AND speak in (hilariously proper) excitement!?- 
 Well that is just too good to be true my friend.

It has been one of those days, and the last few months has kind of carried on in a weird manner so I have needed this amusement, and I figure someone else can always use a little of that too.
Stay with me folks- regular posts (or at least semi-regular) should now be resuming. 
And hopefully regular pictures will be coming along with it!


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