Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I'm pushing on the hammer, to trigger the brain... Embrace how I live.

Going to D-Town for 4.5 days... won't be back until necessary.
Hopefully gonna miss the snowstorm that is supposed to hit.
Still have not finished wrapping presents, started doing laundry, packed my shit, or gotten gas for tomorrow.
But the internet distracts me- especially tumblr.

(I will just say it is because I had a shit day and I needed distraction.)

I pretty much have all my presents purchased though, so that is something.
I just hate the holidays.
Especially when they make me a broke-ass.
But I am going to make the most of it and use it as a fabulous excuse to see everyone!

I like to wear my ugly boots around the house with leg warmers and leggings and an oversized shirt... It makes me feel very Flashdance.
(That is right- I took it to that place tonight.)

Well if you need me this week give a holler!
Otherwise for real this time, I am off to do everything I put off up until now!
(But not before a cigarette.)
Goodnight world...

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