Monday, January 11, 2010

I'll take your head off tonight...

I'll take your head off tonight.
Vlad Impaler style.
(Because it's all in the eyes...)

I once took a test that was supposed to tell "what serial killer would you be"...
My results came up as Vlad the Impaler.
I find this hillarious.
And most likely accurate.

Work is SOOOOO SLOOOOW today that I could just die.
But it's ok, because boss-man isn't here and I can do what I want.
(Doing what I want, see: reading magazines, taking lots of smoke breaks, drinking Naked juice at the desk, and listening to good music.)
Yes indeed kids- I am bored as fuck.
One client on a slow day like this is hell.

I'm having extreme sushi cravings, and could use a good nap.

So... it is officially a new year, and I suppose thus far, 2010 has been treating me fairly well really.
Can we say suprised?

Highlights as of the last two weeks...
1. Chest piece complete. A+!
2. New shoulder tattoo. Awesome!
3. So much delicious food/ drink. Amazing!
4. Quite busy at work (except today.) Fantastic!

And now let me take a moment to say, I don't make resolutions because I find them pointless.
Why make a promise to do something that you know you aren't going to make good on- seriously?
So if you wonder why I haven't listed mine in this space, please refer to the section above... because that is why.
(I prefer not to set myself up intenionally for failure thanks.)

Now please go listen to some Spinnerette and eappreciate it- because I have been pretty much non-stop for the last week...
So so good.
Now a little something...

My iPod "on the go" mix from this past weekend.
MGMT- time to pretend, electric feel
MSI- shut me up, straight to video, ultra sex
Nine Inch Nails- the only time
The Organ- memorize the city
Outkast- ms. jackson
Queen- killer queen
Third Eye Blind- faster
Atmosphere- god loves ugly, always coming back home to you, trying to find a balance
Brand New- seventy times seven
The Faint- worked up so sexual, glass danse
The Gossip- Men in love
Lady Gaga- beautiful, dirty, rich
Lily Allen- not fair, the fear, everyone's at it
Spinnerette- valium knights, ghetto love, all babes are wolves, impaler, geeking
Against Me!- wagon wheel

Off to do some work now for real... maybe.


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