Friday, March 06, 2009

Every night devise, new heights in genocide. Lover I am loveless...

Shoes that I lust after (designer credit): D&G, YSL, Marni, Christian Louboutin for Rodarte

Ok, so recently I received an email asking how I manage to wear heels comfortably so often, and how I match them with more casual outfits. So I figure I will put out my tips and maybe they will be helpful to others.

Buying tips:
1. Try more than one size, because while I wear a size 9 in a flat, I am a 7 1/2 in most heels. Find the pair that don't slip, pinch or rub uncomfortably when you walk around- because being in heels for 8+ hours a day can get tiresome very fast if they are uncomfortable.
*note: If you have never worn heels, I absolutely DO NOT suggest going out and buying a pair of Loubs or Marnis with a towering 6 inch heel- you will regret it... and probably break an ankle. If you fear for your life when you're wearing them in the store, imagine walking around like that all day.
2. Find brands that fit your foot best (Guess is my absolute favorite, b/c they fit me perfectly) and always remember if a certain brand hurts your feet (I love Steve Madden designs, but they inevitably always hurt my feet- honestly, I sometimes buy them anyway.) There really is something to be said about brand loyalty, in my opinion.
3. Not to sound like a snob, but a lot of times price and quality DO correlate with one-another. This is because they have more effort and love put in to them. Truly- I worked in a shoe store for a little over 3 years, and learned a lot about these matters.
4. Get insoles specifically designed for heels... I haven't done this personally, but I do hear good things about Dr. Scholl's.
5. After a purchase, wear the shoes around inside and try some outfits on with them. If they bother you just being around at home, you probably should not be wearing them out for the day... because you will be miserable. (I have done that enough times to know better.)
6. Start slowly and work your way up to longer time periods of wearing and taller heels. Bring flats along with you when trying to get accustomed to wearing heels just in case, it could save your feet from a lot of pain!

Casual and daily wearing tips:
1. Basic black pumps are my best friend. They go with EVERYTHING... ALWAYS. I personally feel that a person cannot go wrong with black leather stilettos. (Except sometimes with navy blue.)
2. Jeans and solid color shirts almost always work with heels.
3. I am a matchy-matchy sort of person most times, so a lot of my shoes match my outfits or belts and purses. This is not a necessity! I just personally am very much a virgo in the sense that I like things to look like they go together almost all the time. 
4. I think everyone should own at least one pair of statement shoes. (Mine are mustard yellow satin ankle boots. I hardly ever wear them because I fear ruining them, but do know that I keep them on constant display, because I love them.) This brings me to...
5. Unless you are very daring, steer clear of mixing a very busy outfit with outrageous shoes. Basic shoes I find are best when wearing something very... intense.
6. Try your shoes with many outfit combinations, even if you don't think they will work with what you have on. Just TRY... you may be pleasantly surprised with the outcome. (I mix my cream and blue logo patterned, buckled Guess heels with a black long sleeve shirt, gunmetal grey down vest, and jeans... and somehow that combo works.)
*bonus!: Heels make everyone appear taller and leaner, and oftentimes more graceful (because you should always exercise a certain amount of caution when wearing a heel.)

I feel that I should also note that while I love to wear heels all the time, I know when flats are appropriate or necessary. Because shoes should make you feel good- not miserable. 
My best advice though, is probably that I think everyone should buy what they LOVE and not just what is mediocre or the hot ticket item of the moment. You will be much happier with your purchase, and will use it more often!
Well hopefully that helps a bit!

"All my friends and I toast to health and suicide. 
Lover I am lonely. 
Were you holding hands when my palms bled?"

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