Wednesday, March 04, 2009

She had to take him down easy- put a bullet in his brain...

Oh god it has been so long since I have written anything on this biz... but I'm going to try and make up for that.
So much has happened to me since my last post... Recap!

I officially have a home. 
A fabulous duplex, an old victorian house thats painted bright blue. 
How perfect right? With THE most excellent view of Saint Paul. I have fabulous roommates, we will refer to and T&T, we have been friends since we were freshmen in high school...  and they have lovely dogs which always makes my day. And I must not neglect to mention that because I am "a girl", I get the entire 3rd floor bedroom loft to myself, and I have an excellent massive porch right off my room.
It feels so good to be in a permanent residence again, and to be back in the cities... I missed it so. This place really IS my home.

I got a kitty!
Actually, she's about 3, but I like calling her kitty. 
She is my little love, and follows me around the house and peeps at me all the time. She was a gift from my parents, because they felt that I needed "something of my own to love that wouldn't ever have a reason to abandon me." 
Adorable right?

I have seen so many good friends recently, and I'm trying to scheme up a trip to Chicago in the near future to visit my BFF. 
I fucking love the crew.

I am finally starting to feel more like myself again. 
Some days go by where I barely think about the shit that has been bothering me, and some days are really rough. But I am ok. Just a bit lonely. I miss knowing someone is there... But my "freedom" has been alright. 
I am getting there.

I have been freelancing with hair, because it is a fucking bitch to find a job right now. And I honestly just cannot lower myself to the great clips level.
Truth be told, it has been rough, but I'm making it... without starving mind you.
I'm confident that everything will work out though, it always does. 

-My hair is about 1/4 pink right now, and it makes me happy.
-I got my tongue pierced again two days ago, so now I have two large chunks of metal in my tongue instead of one. It was free too, or rather, a service trade off- always good. And happily, this time around it hasn't been bad at all. Yay!
-I just had a fabulous plate of homemade sushi, which also is fabulous. I've been on a sushi binge lately.
-I mass cleaned my kitchen this evening, which always makes me feel good.
-Some new clothes and accessories have been finding their way to me recently, even though I have had NO extra money. Gotta love free shit!

I am sure that there is plenty I have forgotten, but I'll fill in the blanks as I go.
OK! Here are some pictures of a bunch of things...


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