Friday, March 13, 2009

Fuck Ramen.

I made myself Ramen just a few minutes ago, thinking that I really wanted it because I kind of just forgot to eat all day... and now- I definitely do not want to eat it. Damn.

So sometimes people disappear from my life for a long time, and suddenly resurface. And usually it makes me happy, unless they are someone that I chose not to speak to.
But in the case I am referring to currently, it is a nice thing. 
I missed said person, and I am glad to hear from her. And it is of course, always nice to know that someone wants me in their life. 
Yes... Nice. 

In other news, I am going to hopefully stop by a CD release party tomorrow, then spend some time with my family that is in town for my uncle's wedding.
Hopefully the day will go by without a hitch, but one can never really tell with my family. 

Now it is time to smoke and get ready for bed.


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