Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cocktail parties...

Tonight I went with my mom to a "cocktail party" which was hosted by a girl that she works with. There was some pretty decent conversation, a clothes swap, and a friend of the host, who did a little product demonstration for a company that she works for. It was pretty nice, I got an ultra soft knitted sweater with a hood and a basic black polo shirt, because I figure that they are both things that I can make good use of.
This was my first clothes swap, and it wasn't really what I had been expecting, but it was fairly entertaining. Probably because it was also a cocktail party.
I will try and post a picture later of what I wore, but as of right now I am trying to figure out my living situation, so internet is more difficult to use. And it is considerably difficult for me to not use my own computer, and have to use that of my parents to do all the things that I normally do.
It will all hopefully be sorted out very soon.
I am trying very hard to make my life and feelings more positive at the moment, (in light of recent events) and its very difficult, but I know that if I just sit around and mope I will only feel worse than I already do.
If anyone has any suggestions or helpful hints, please feel free to let me know.
And now I am going to share some things that I have been religiously putting into practice for some time.
These are some excellent style tips that I have figured out over time...
Change your hair. It doesn't have to be a major change, just try different things. (DONT USE BOX COLOR THOUGH!)
♥ If you are having a shitty day, wear something that always makes you feel amazing. Even if it is just one piece... I like shoes.
♥ Buy "STATEMENT PIECES" and wear them with neutrals to add a pop.
♥ If you wear eyeliner on the top lid, extend the line the entire length of your eye to avoid making eyes look smaller.
♥ The last statement brings me to this... if you are unable to apply liquid eyeliner in a smooth and straight, correct manner, then for the love of all that is holy, please DO NOT WEAR LIQUID EYELINER AT ALL.
♥ Don't worry about the nasty look you get from someone that you don't know, it will just make things worse.
So there it is. Now go out and try to apply my suggestions (some that I have borrowed from others and some that I have collected in my own expericences) to your life.
They might make your day just that much more interesting.

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