Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Crappy children's artwork...


Please go to this and have a hardy laugh.
I know I sure did.
And don't miss page 2.

I literally laughed to the point that my eyes were watering, and my contact fell out.

I should probably add that I find this so hilarious, because I say the same things about kids art.
That and I REALLY don't care for children.
At all.
But like i said, kids make shitty stuff.
And adults make terrible art too... so I'm not too biased right?
I went to art school. 
So I know shitty artwork.
I have seen a lot.
(And made a lot.)

This is even funnier to me because every child in the world draws stupid shit when they are little.
And my parents and I would always laugh at my sisters drawings that looked entirely incoherent like these. Just like I'm sure that they laughed at mine.

Ok. That is all for now. 


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