Sunday, November 16, 2008

I don't sleep, so I blog...

Recently it has occurred to me that because I fail to sleep much in the night, I need something to preoccupy my time. Therefore obviously, writing in a blog containing musings and details of my life seemed like an appropriate use of the ungodly night hours that I tend to keep. 

Last night I actually ventured out and about... (actually "going out" on big adventures is a fairly rare occasion for me.) THE FAINT was playing in the heart of downtown  Minneapolis, naturally meaning that I felt it was pretty important to head down there and enjoy... despite the fact that there is always a chance of being mugged / and or / (at the very least) heckled. 

This I should mention, was also a bit of a rescue mission for a friend, who was on what we all suspect was intended by the other party to be a date. But myself and three other friends ruined that. 
I guess thats kind of what we are good for though... Making situations less awkward. 
Or maybe more awkward. 
That probably depends on who you ask.

Well in any case, the first two bands were quite awful really, but the faint played an amazing show- it was super fantastic, they played a long time, and whoever was running sound and lights for that gets an A+ from me.
I would also like to mention the man in the UV reactive full body suit. All throughout the show, he danced with enthusiasm and impressive moves, thrusted himself on many a nervous person, and made a lot of people genuinely uncomfortable. 
Props to you, inappropriate dancing full body suit guy- I am sure that you probably are not paid enough for that, but you made my night just that much better.

This is what i wore to the show, but i also had a sweater on with it for some of the night. It gets very cold in Minnesota... in case you hadn't heard. 
I am wearing...

white tank: express
black racer tank: DIY
blackwash skinny jeans: express
patent three buckle waistbelt: charlotte russe
patent ankle boots: guess
jewelry: custom/ vintage

Now I suppose it is time for me to be off... 


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