Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Humorous marital tests, cleaning my room, and other such stuff...

I am beginning to think that the bedroom needs to be cleaned desperately. 
Really and truly, the shit is getting out of control. 
And my lists of things to do are everywhere.
I do believe it is time for a larger living space.

See examples 1 and 2... which come to look at them now, don't really do justice to how terrible the room look as a whole.

I'll post pictures of it clean once I get up the courage to tackle it... 

And now for a bit of humor...

Boo and I decided that it would be really silly to take the "marital rating scale" test, which was created in 1939. There is a list of merits and demerits, some of which are common sense, others just really tend to date the time period when this test was created. The results were pretty ridiculous, and some of the questions were as follows:

"Compares wife unfavorably to his mother and other wives"
(Other wives? WTF.)
"Teases wife of fatness, slowness, etc."
(Slowness? Really? And this etc. ...obviously there are many other ways can you make your spouse feel shitty as well.)
"Writes on tablecloth with pencil."
(Who does this? I mean, if you're going to do it, go all out for christ sake and use a pen.)

"Ardent lover- sees that wife has orgasm in marital congress."
(Marital congress? When was sex last called that?)
"Gives wife real movie kisses, not just a dutiful peck on the cheek."
(Real movie kisses... not like fake movie kisses.)

"Seams in hose are crooked."
(When was the last time this was of large concern? And why is it such a big deal? Shit happens, stockings get a little out of whack. The world doesn't stop turning. Really.)
"Wears red nail polish."
(Whoa- is that RED polish you have on? You devil woman you!)
"Uses slang or profanity."
(Oh snap... I would make someone very unhappy.)

"Laughs at husbands jokes and clowning."
(Ohmigod. CLOWNING? ...no.)
"Dresses for breakfast."
(Again- umm not unless I'm leaving the house. And maybe not even then.)
"Sympathetic- of children and unfortunates." 
(Unfortunates? What exactly does this even mean?)

Case in point?
This was really amusing, and I would make a horrendous wife, as I do most of the things that warrant demerits... and very few things that are merit worthy.
I received 17 out of 100 points... 100 being the best.

Apparently I suck at being a good 1930's housewife.

If you care to take this test, or to see more of it, you can find it here.

In other news, this week and the next may be fairly busy for me. 
I've got lots of hair to do and I will be taking my dad in for surgery on Friday, along with potential work stuff... I'm taking Boo back and forth tomorrow probably because the little Jetta that could needs a bit of work done apparently... (insert bummer face here.) But I am happy to chauffeur for a bit. It makes me feel more productive than I actually am. (now insert the tacky wink here.)

Then the next week is figuring out Thanksgiving shit, AND my best friend is coming home for a few days for a visit and I plan to spend lots and lots of time with her if possible! Which, come to think of it, I may need to figure out if I am supposed to be picking her up when she gets in to town. Oops. Way to be on top of things. 
(Thats ok, there is still time... right?)
 Please do try to bare with me if I seem a bit... lacking?
All of the above at once perhaps... and more than usual? 

Well I must be off now. 


PS. The new episodes of True Blood and Dexter were probably the only other highlights of my day today. That... and buying pomegranates and red bull, which I gorged myself on. SO GOOD!

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