Sunday, November 16, 2008

Everybody wants charm, and a smile, and a promise...

Today has been an extremely chill day, I slept VERY late, took a shower, got myself together, had some dinner, had a mini photo shoot, and now I've just been dinking around on the internet pretty much since. 

I plan to post some pictures of things that I find very inspiring that I have compiled and a few other silly things, so we shall see where the evening takes me. 

Well, this is what I've been wearing today... I really haven't done much thus far. Just ate some tofu bag sushi and had a little picture excursion. I intend to post things from that shortly.
I just realized that I happen to have my hand next to my mouth in both of these pictures, which is pretty silly.

green/ grey bomber jacket: alpha industries inc.
black tank: express
teal extra long tank: charlotte russe
leggings: charlotte russe
grey sweater dress: target
plaid scarf: vintage
belt: borrowed from another outfit.
teal heels: charlotte russe
black suede buckle boots: rocketdog
jewelry: vintage and custom
(bonus points for matching nail polish!)

I have been finding that I was so excited for the cool weather to come so that I could wear layers, but honestly, the novelty has long since worn off. I don't really care for the cold, but then again I don't much care for the hot weather either. I suppose it is just a lose, lose situation given my lovely location (1/2 the year it is a 95 degree sauna, the other 1/2 I live on the damn arctic tundra.) 
Ahh well... such is life. 

This does bring me to my favorite clothing trends for the season...
Dark and neutral colors, especially mixing white+black, with one accent color or piece. (Perhaps I'm just biased though... as this tends to be my own general aesthetic these days.)
Structured and well tailored coats.
Drop crotch pants- though I don't think that I would wear them myself, they are great on the right person.
Latex! - again, probably not my thing, but still covetable.
Sheer fabric layering.

Picture examples to come!


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